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Simple animation, but funny.
Keep it up!

Lip sync and backgrounds are getting better, that's good.

I have to agree with jonthomson, the intro and outro are too long.
Because the joke is short, I would have made the intro and outro just be a short cut.
So instead of having the beginning be 8.5 seconds long, make it something around 1.5 seconds or less.
(Just show the Final Fantasy text at normal size and then cut to the animation, that should be enough)

Aside from this, it was alright. Keep it wonderful wondermeow.

Wondermeow responds:

HI Iceburger,

Thanks mate, I appreciate the feedback and thank you for watching all my videos so far ^^ and all the helpful comments. I will definitely keep note and keep working at it, cheers bud.

Kind regards,


Well, I see a little improvement.
For starters, while the background is really simple, it is cleaner than the last animation.
The humor is weak. BUT better than the minecraft animation.
Keep on practicing.

Wondermeow responds:

Cheers thanks for the feed back always appreciated.

Kind regards,


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This is a good example of simplicity being really effective.
It somewhat reminds me of neon race, another fun game you've made.

The graphics are really vibrant and the way everything comes out you is somewhat mesmerizing.
I'm impressed that this was all done with MS Paint.

While the game is short, it is still fun to replay to try and get a faster time.

The overlay of the game, menus and everything else fits perfectly.

Good job!

Wow, what a great game!
There are a lot of upgrades, there is the skill based game for preparing the burger and the overall launching is really fun.
The backgrounds are nicely detailed, not too much clutter, a good amount.
Sound effects were not bad either and the music really suited the theme and helped create a better atmosphere.
My only complaint though, is with the rope power up thing that you can get during flight. It says that the "Indians will help you when you land". That is inaccurate and can be seen as offensive by some.
The characters portrayed do not resemble people from the country of India.
They are instead Native.
I'm not trying to be an super oppressed person, I'm just saying, that for future games, make sure you do not misuse terms and names.

Anyway, keep making awesome games.

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Good song here. Happy to see you back, thought you disappeared like those other top tier artists.

Me and my friends listened to your music back before we had accounts. Spent a lotta late nights drawing and listening to your tunes. Don't know why I didn't follow or leave a review yet so I guess this is really long over due.

The stuff up until 2010 was very Adult Swim like and is very relaxing to the ears. Very good and inspirational, your tracks always deliver a strong feeling and for me and my friends it's very magical. Your songs bring good memories and really allow us to get past art blocks.

In 2016 your music sounded different. It seemed like an experimental phase as you were getting back into the swing of things. There was definitely a different atmosphere in those tracks. They moved me, honestly they did. And I truly feel that I could feel your thoughts. Kinda like the "uneasy and not sure where to go but in good standing feel". It feels as if something bad happened along the way. But these times have allowed you to develop your music even further. So if you ever doubt yourself, don't, because that year has made you better.

Once 2017 came around it seems like things are looking up. I think from here on out its gonna be good for you. Your music is evolving to another level, because you are regaining that classic Bojangles charm that everyone loves plus a little bit more (so keep experimenting and having fun with it). Its nice to hear the elements from before blend together with the new Bojangles.

Anyway just glad to see you back still with loads of inspiration. I mean that. Lots of people come back and just cant do it anymore. So its good that you've still got it.

Keep up the amazing work!

Great song here, I've gotta listen to more of your stuff.

Keep up the awesome work!

Jabun responds:

Thanks so much IceBurger :) Hope you enjoy the rest of the stuff. There's plenty of it here on NG, and more to come too :D

Not bad, it has a good pace.

I'd like to use this for an animation if that's okay with you.

TheDukesDepot responds:

Have at it, my friend. ;)

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Really good stuff here (puts my work to shame lol).

I like the shading and how the characters look life like in their motion.
Good job!

ShadyDingo responds:

Thank you kindly! :D

not bad lad your power levels are rising
Hue Hugh hyu

Dangerice responds:

Good. Thank you.

You are definitely getting better.
The anatomy is improving and you did a decent job with the hands and face.
The abs are a little off, but not bad.

I do like the reflection but it's a perfect reflection which implies that the water isn't moving.
Seeing that there are lines of movement in the water, the reflection would be slightly distorted. The water would also flow around anything that is obstructing it's path.

Overall you did a pretty good job, keep working at it man!

Dangerice responds:

Thanks, man!

3D modeller, 2D artist and occasional animator.


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